Nissan Anxiety

I feel I’ve been mis-sold, do you? Nissan Connect never promised to excite nor exceed expectations, but it did look a somewhat useful supplement to the tech available in the Leaf, as I was making the c20k purchase. But can I get it to work on my iPhone6? No.

Despite a lot of time spent on line and in the car, calling Nissan, connecting USB leads etc etc, the app remains with zero data available. Nor can I get other apps loaded.

So the dealer is no help and Customer Services just state that they will get an expert to call back, but never do.

I do like the Leaf. I like it a lot. But there are issues and Nissan Connect is only the minor annoyance out of all the issues.

The badge fell off the rear door. Ok minor but wtf? The boot door handle is missing and I have to sit at a service station at 0530 every Wednesday morning to ensure my daily home level 1 charging is viable. More on that last subject later.

Currently in the midst of a dispute resolution with Nissan finance also. The dealer sets the date of 4th of the month to take payments. I drive the car away on 29th. Banks aren’t able to set up a DD within 4 working days so I get a default notice from Nissan finance and a ¬£12 charge for telling me so. Bang goes a yellow warning on my Experian credit score for that month. Thanks Nissan.


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